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As part of our mission to share the best of New Zealand with the world, Cheeky Kea Tours is proud to announce the launch of “Cheeky Wine Tours” showcasing some of our amazing local wineries.

One of our awesome guides will take you on an unforgettable journey where you can taste your way through the offerings at several world-renown vineyards. But why the Waipara region, you ask?

Well, the Waipara Region lends itself to some of the country’s best wineries thanks to its combination of distinct soils and favorable weather patterns.

New Zealand’s geographical location provides the vineyards with the perfect climate for a long and slow ripening of the grapes. The perfect combination of long sunlight hours and the cool evening sea breezes creates a rich flavour while keeping a fresh acidity that makes our wine so amazing and unique.


But that’s not all!


On top of our privileged maritime climate, we have remarkable soil. Lucky, right?


As it is expected, soil type varies along the large diverse terrain. What sets Waipara apart is that it benefits from gravel deposits combined with limestone-derived clays.

You didn’t understand a thing? That’s all good. There is no need to know all the science behind it to be able to enjoy some wine tastings.

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