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Waipara Wine Tours

Our Partners

To say that we wouldn’t be here without our partners is an understatment! So we want to thank each and one of the amazing wineries and breweries that we have the pleasure to work with! If you want more information about them, here it is!

Waipara Region

Georges Road

Georges Road Wines possesses a rare quality among today’s wineries of NZ — from grape to glass, our winemaker & winery owner Kirk Bray is intimately involved in all aspects of production, completely connected to the final wine in the bottle.
After soaking up vintage cellar experiences at wineries all over the world, and inspired by the family-owned and quality-focused wineries of Europe, Kirk and his wife Alison bought 8 hectares of prime vineyard land in Waipara.
The Georges Road vineyard was planted in 2004 with Syrah, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, and a winery was added in 2015.

Pegasus Bay

Pegasus Bay is owned and operated by the Donaldson family who were pioneers of the local wine industry. Seven family members are intricately involved in key areas of this iconic business, producing complex and full flavoured wines with character from their home vineyard which is now over 35 years old. The winery is situated amongst the most picturesque setting with breath-taking gardens to be explored.

Terrace Edge

The sun-drenched terrace edge drops sharply to the Waipara River, creating an exceptional place for growing grapes. Our family truly believes that premium wine is first hand-crafted in the vineyard. We make absolutely no compromises – exclusively using natural, organic growing methods and meticulously hand-tending the vines.

The beautiful, concentrated fruit is then transformed inro artisan wines through gentle winemaking methods. The result is some of New Zealand’s most flavoursome & complex wines.

Taste our dramatic landscape, captured in liquid form.


The company takes its name from an early Canterbury resident, surveyor and farmer, Englishman Charles Torlesse

The Torlesse Cellar door was built and opened in March 2000 but Torlesse has produced wines from 1991 onwards making it one of the older wineries in Waipara. Most grapes are hand harvested and all are batch processed keeping different vineyard components separate for assessment until final blending.

Waipara Springs

Waipara Springs is the founding Winery and Café of Waipara Established in 1989. We remain an entirely New Zealand family and owned and operated Estate, now in its 3rd Generation of management.

Premium Wines are produced using tradition techniques from estate grown vines to compliment the colourful and quality culinary experience, with ingredients sourced from local North Canterbury suppliers.

Waipara Springs

At Waipara Hills our wine making philosophy is simple. It’s about creating balance, encouraging the characteristics of each season’s fruit to shine, and celebrating the Waipara Valley vineyards. The result is wine that is rich, textural and complex.

From the vineyard to the winery, our team are hands on, pouring a little of themselves into what they do.  Harvest signals the beginning of a new season, the chance to create wine that is distinctly Waipara Hills.

Christchurch Region

Lone Goat

The first vines were planted at our boutique vineyard nearly 40 years ago by the renowned Giesen brothers. I have been here since the early days and took over as principal winemaker under the name Lone Goat in 2007.

As the vineyard has expanded and matured, we have been reaping the rewards of that pioneering work, and each year our small, dedicated team help us to harvest fruit of increasing intensity and depth to produce a range of outstanding, handcrafted wines.

Melton Estate

Melton Estate is a boutique winery featuring a modern restaurant and event venue set amongst vines on 12 acres.

Sample local wines that include: Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Chardonnay, Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, and the acclaimed Sparkling Riesling known as “Summer Love”.


In 1987 Brent and Shirley planted three hectares of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir on the banks of the Halswell River in Canterbury, New Zealand. The Chardonnay was later replaced with Pinot Noir.

In 1992, the winery was constructed in Canterbury. Growing larger, Rossendale based its winemaking in Blenheim, which is where the wines are produced today.
The 'Brothers' Vineyard in Marlborough was purchased in 2004 by the Rawstron family, and now supplies Rossendale with the fantastic Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris.

Straight 8 Estate

The first grapes were planted in the area of Burnham 30 years ago.

Straight 8 was planted over a five to eight year period first by Wally Codyre, then by the Gall family.  Upon our purchase in 2004 we set about to create a brand, as all the other harvests had been sold as contract grapes.


Two Thumb Brewing Co.

Mark and Dave, two likely lads from Yorkshire have built on the firm foundation, great reputation, and detailed brew processes that were laid down by Clayton, the original Two Thumber.

We use Canterbury malts and NZ hops for the majority of our beers only straying to the american hops for specific beers. All our beers are small batch brewed, unfiltered and have no additives, to show off the wonderful flavours and aromas of the malts and hops.

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