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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions?

Below are some of the questions we get frequently asked but if you have more questions, we can definitely provide answers!

1. Do you have other options?

Yes, we can make nearly anything happen. Use the "contact us" button to discuss your requirements.


2. How can I pay?

You can pay using credit/debit card, Bank transfer or Cash. Bank transfer and cash are only available through manual bookings. Use the "contact us" button if you wish to pay using these methods.


3. Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, a deposit is required before we can confirm your booking. Unfortunately, if you wish to book online you will have to pay the full amount at the time of booking. If you wish to pay deposit only and the rest 1 week before your tour, use the "contact us" button. Deposit is just one person’s tour cost and it is fully refundable due to acts of god such as earthquakes and pandemics.


4. What if my numbers change?

We understand that things change from the time of booking to the tour date. That is why we do not get the final numbers for your group until 1 week before your tour. Change in numbers may affect the per person price but you will not be charged for 20ppl if your group has dropped to 15.


5. Is lunch included?

Lunch is included in some bookings but not all. If you are unsure, please get in contact with us.

6. Are snacks included?

Yes, light snacks are included in all tours. Please, let us know if you have any dietary requirements.


7. What happens with the photos?

Professionally edited photos are included in your tour. Our awesome drivers will snap pics throughout the day which will then be sent for editing. Once edited we will send you a link to download them. Please note that this process may take a couple of weeks depending on workload.


8. Can we bring a picnic lunch instead?

Of course, just let us know so we can adjust the day to suit.


9. How long do we get at each stop?

Unlike other operators that rush you through in 25mins, we allow 1hr plus at each stop so you can enjoy the day.


10. Where is pick up?

We pick up from anywhere and you do not have to all be at the one location. We can do multiple pick up and drop off points which is cool and makes your day way easier. A small surcharge may apply to some locations to cover extra driver time.


11. Can we make stops along the way?

On the way to the wineries time can be a bit tight. If you wish to add a stop, please let us know before the day of your tour.

On the return trip, if you wish to stop at a bottle shop or you want to pick up supplies for the rest of the night just let the driver know.


12. Can we drink on board?

It is illegal to drink on board a commercial vehicle without a liquor license.


13. Can I charge my device onboard?

We are fitting out our vehicles with USB charging points on each row. This is an ongoing to process so please contact us to see if your vehicle has this onboard already.


14. Do you have Wi-Fi?

We are in the process of installing Wi-Fi onboard our vehicles. Please contact us to see if your vehicle is Wi-Fi-ready.


15. What is there to do during the drive?

We are in the process of putting TVs onboard our vehicles. Soon, you will be able to play sing star or trivial pursuit while we drive you around. Contact us to see if your vehicle has this onboard already.


16. What is for lunch?

Our standard lunch that is included in some packages is as follows:

  • Wine Tours – Each person gets their own platter (see picture below) which can be made to accommodate most dietary requirements

  • Craft Beer Tours – Pizza, Chips, and all sorts of deep-fried goodness as you would expect.

  • Upgraded meals are also available. Check out our addons!


Note that the picture is only for reference. Platters may change throughout the seasons.

17. Can you help us plan the rest of our day?

Yes of course! We have some great options for you. Just get in contact with us.


18. Can you cook us dinner?

Yes, you can select a BBQ addon to get the party going.


19. What about Music?

All vehicles have Bluetooth audio systems. You can either send us a playlist in advance or sync up and play your own music during the journey. We also provide Bluetooth speakers at some locations for you to enjoy while doing your tasting.


20. What if we have nondrinkers onboard?

That is cool! Either we can discount the cost of the wine tastings or we can include a soft drink or juice at each stop.


21. We want to do Hens/stag do challenges during the day.

No worries! Let us know and we can help arrange this for you. At some locations, certain things that might interrupt other customers' experience will not be able to go ahead so best to discuss with us.


22. With Wine tastings parties, how does it work?

You provide the location, and we will do the rest. We bring all the wine, snacks, glasses and take it all away with us which means no mess for you. How easy!

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